Name Mel Christie
Status US & UK Citizen
Hands on, results-driven leader with 20+ years of experience bridging the gap between executive management and technical teams. Extensive involvement with industry leading customers to build and integrate cloud infrastructure and 24x7 operational solutions. Diverse background includes Application/Product Development, Corporate IT, Cloud Computing, SAAS, IAAS, Data Center Operations, Internet Infrastructure and e-Business.

Infrastructure Architecture, Design, Operations & Support
Systems Integration and Product Development
Business Process Management and Improvement
Cloud Operations & Systems Management
Enterprise IT Project Management and Strategic Planning
Team Building, Staff Development, Outsourcing and Offshoring
Budget, Vendor and Contract Management

Technical: System Administration, Database, Storage, Compute, Monitoring, Development and Business Process

Product Lines: HCM, Collaboration Systems, Talent Management, LMS, E-learning Systems

OCT 1998 TO PRESENT Senior Director - Infrastructure and Operations
Plateau Systems Ltd., Washington DC, USA
Back in the US, Sensory Computing joined with Plateau to double in size to about 20 employees. Now we are about 350 and in this time I moved from Engineering into Services and then on to startup the fledgling hosting group to serve up our product in-house. The hosting group has now has 60 customers delivering Plateau to some 2.8 million users.

JULY 1995 TO SEPT 1998 Self-Employed
Pure Goodness Radio Company, Hong Kong
Amidst the swirls of Tropical Storm Helen I started the Pure Goodness Radio Company. Originally intended to stream lounge music on the Internet it become one of the first (if not the first) web design companies in Hong Kong with Volkswagen as its main customer. From a remote fishing outpost on Lamma Island I also took to teleworking with some fellow islanders on a number of projects for Sensory and others, including learning management systems and off-the-shelf invoice management applications for trading companies.

NOV 1993 TO JUNE 1995 Software Contractor
Sensory Computing Inc. and I.T.E.C, Washington DC, USA
I broke my achilles and as a result found it easier to go to work closer to home. This translated into a startup with 4 others called Sensory where we developed a Windows based application for the management of worker training in the Nuclear Power industry. Also contracted to develop the now defunct GEnie interface (GEnie was supposed to be GE's version of AOL) using some ambitious but now obsolete object oriented database technology. Previous to that I worked at ITEC on contract to IBM and was the principal designer of the air traffic controller's equivalent 'black box' for the new (at the time) air traffic control centre based in Portsmouth, England.

FEB 1992 TO OCT 1993 Technical Consultant
Datronics Inc., Washington DC, USA
After an initial culture shock in North Carolina I got to Washington DC and began work as the project manager on the integration of a system of local and wide area networks used to control remote air traffic control equipment. Great reason to travel the States! The system was successfully deployed at some eighty air traffic control towers so I got to go to Oklahoma City and Kansas but didn't get to Hawaii or New Orleans. Also contracted to develop interactive products for the hard of hearing (strangely).

JAN 1989 TO DEC 1991 Senior Software Engineer
Civil Aviation Authority, Middlesex, UK
Involved in the design and development of an air traffic flow regulation system. Previously headed the technical support and maintenance of the original air traffic flow system based at London Heathrow's air traffic control centre which entailed many late nights with air traffic controllers.

DEC 1987 TO DEC 1988 Travels in Egypt and the Far East
...with some writing on the side.

OCT 1985 TO NOV 1987 Software Consultant
Kontron Instruments, Watford, UK and Paris, France
Designed and developed various process controlled, embedded systems for use in hospitals. These included the implementation of a machine used to analyze blood samples. Additionally developed a patient monitoring product used to alert doctors of critical patient conditions (heart attacks, etc.). Designed the hardware and software of specific QA test devices used to test factory compliance of some of the printed circuit boards used in the above products. All products were developed using Intel assembler which was fun believe it or not.

OCT 1983 TO SEPT 1985 Research Engineer
University College London, UK
Research into point beam phased array techniques for aircraft defence. You heard it right! The work resulted in a bunch of papers being presented to Ericsson Radio Systems AB, Sweden.

JUN 1983 TO SEPT 1983 Technical Assistant
CERN, Geneva, Switzerland
At the birthplace of the World Wide Web I worked on particle-physics matters when WWW was just a twinkle in some Internet guru's eye. Here I designed an interface to control a microscope used in the detection of sub-atomic particles. The microscope traced the lines of ionized drops created by sub-atomic particles in nuclear emulsions, thereby allowing particle identification.

1980-1983 First Class Honours Degree, Applied Physics, B.Sc. University College London, U.K.