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Mel Christie

Bridging the gap between executive management and technical teams to build 24x7 operational solutions.
Background includes Application/Product Development, Cloud Computing, Data Center Operations, Corporate IT and Travel.
Never lived anywhere without a piano by my side. Interest in Yang-style T'ai Chi Ch'uan with a bit of sword thrown in.


2011 to now: From Corporate IT to Cloud Operations, SAP, Virginia, USA
SuccessFactors bought Plateau, SAP bought SF, during which... Navigated a route, running SuccessFactors corporate IT (with offices from Shanghai to San Francisco and points between) before returning to Ops to deliver the intricacies of SAP's HR products to sales teams.

1998-2011: Architect, Data Center Infrastructure and Operations, Plateau Systems, Washington DC, USA
Back in the US, Sensory joined with Plateau to double to 20 employees. I moved from Engineering into Services and moved again to start the fledgling hosting group serving our product in-house to 1 customer (installed while Liverpool played AC Milan in the Miracle of Istanbul). The hosting group increased to take on two thirds of a customer base numbering in the thousands.

1995-1998: Pure Goodness Radio Company, Hong Kong
Amidst the swirls of Tropical Storm Helen I started the Pure Goodness Radio Company. Originally intended to stream lounge music on the Internet it became the first web design company in Hong Kong with Volkswagen and HK's expat magazine as its original customers. From a remote fishing outpost on Lamma Island I teleworked from the beach on projects for Sensory and others, developing PC applications for learning asiatic langages and import/export traders. Nightly file transfer at 9,600 bps courtesy of CompuServe!

1993-1995: Software Contractor, Sensory Computing and ITEC, Washington DC, USA
I broke my achilles and found it easier to work closer to home. This translated into a startup with 4 others called Sensory where we developed a PC application for training hard hat workers in the Nuclear Power industry. Worked on the defunct GEnie interface (GE's attempt to wrest control of the internet from AOL). Previously worked for IBM designing an air traffic controller 'black box' prior to the aforementioned leg incident.

1992-1993: Technical Consultant, Datronics, Washington DC, USA
After culture shock in North Carolina I was posted to Washington DC where I managed the rollout of networks for air traffic control towers. Great reason to travel the States! The networks were installed at eighty air traffic control centres so I got to go to Oklahoma City and Kansas but didn't get to Hawaii or New Orleans. On the side, developed interactive products for the hard of hearing (strangely).

1992: Travels along La Ruta Maya
A circuitous path from Teotihuacan in Mexico City to Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

1989-1991: Software Engineer, Civil Aviation Authority, Middlesex, UK
Headed the support of the air traffic flow system for London Heathrow's air traffic control centre which entailed many late nights with air traffic controllers, a slightly mad crew... Before assisting the development of a new air traffic flow system using a language named after the world's first computer programmer, a woman with a fascinating history, Ada Lovelace.

1987-1988: Travels in Egypt and the Far East
...through much of SE Asia and China, with some writing on the side.

1985-1987: Software Consultant, Kontron Instruments, Watford, UK and Paris, France
Designed and developed embedded systems for hospitals, including a device used to analyze blood samples (Assembler burnt into circuit chips and plugged into large machines that spin test tubes around) and a patient monitor to alert doctors of patient heart attacks.

1983-1985: Research Engineer, University College London, UK
Researched point beam phased array techniques for aircraft defence. The work resulted in 'PowerPoints' for Ericsson Radio Systems, Gothenburg, Sweden. After that I know not!

1983: Technical Assistant, CERN, Geneva, Switzerland
At the birthplace of the World Wide Web I worked on more particle-physics matters before WWW was quite there.

1980-1983: Applied Physics, B.Sc. University College London, UK
Designed interfaces to control microscopes used to detect sub-atomic particles. These microscopes traced the lines of ionized drops of the new found particles... Developed for CERN using a numeric hex keypad to enter the code which was fun in an obsessive compulsive kind of way. Side job as a travel agent selling package holidays to Corfu from a room with a view, right above Leicester Square station.

Not missed an FA Cup Final since the age of eight, but as a Tottenham supporter always destined for disappointment! Audere est Facere.

Develop interest in life as you see it; in people, things, literature, music
- the world is so rich, simply throbbing with rich treasures, beautiful souls and interesting people. Forget yourself.
- Henry Miller