Christmas in London and Paris
We had a fantastic Christmas with Christine, Adam, Ollie, Christopher, Granny and Grandpa in London this year.
Then Joan and I slunk off to Paris for our first break from the babies since they were born. Did I already say it was fantastic?
Will in a Pot
Annie in a Pot
I Want Candy
Posed & Overexposed
Spring for Me
Spring Him
Julian and Will
Amanda and Annie
What'd you Teach Her?
Fall Back
On the Road
Annie and Ollie at the Horniman
Drummer Boy
Christopher and Chris
I wanna Story
Shower Stall
The Carousel at Covent Garden
Love Annie
Auntie Christine and Will
At the Transport Museum
Bakerloo - I remember it well
Parlor Games
Broom and Pan
All together now
The Christie Clan
Look at the camera
Opening Presents
Big Present
Mommy and Will
Christmas Chaos
Christmas Dinner
Cousin Christopher
Bustin' Out
Regent's Park Zoo with Adam and the Cousins
Paris Mon Amour
Flower Shop
Cafe Scene
At the Eugenie Hotel
A Montmartre Moment
Waiting for the Painter
Last Day in Paris
Hasta la Vista
Back Home in the Playpen
The Christmas Card