Summer with a Vengeance
Summer is here so there was lots of water play at Gaithersburg Water Park, July 4th parades and a trip to the beach at Lewes, DE just to cool off.
Plus Auntie Christine and Uncle Adam moved to Hare's Hatch, Berkshire. Here's the realtor's blurb:
This 16th Century cottage was the former Post Office and Postmaster's house, it provides spacious and flexible accommodation, suitable for family use.
Plus it's two doors down from a great country pub!
Lewes, Delaware
Pool time
Swim, Baby!
Bullet train
Drivers Wanted
Where is the ignition?
Annie at the Cultured Pearl
It's our favorite!
Can I have some?
Bottoms up!
July 4th Parade
Throw me more candy
Political Pundit
Pink towel
Annie and Mary (our new babysitter)
What Annie would like to do to Will
Sunscreen and Bugspray
Annie, Mary and Will
Smiley Will and Mary
Joan & Eugenie
Goodnight Kiss
World Cup
Frog Slide
Water Play
Slide Will, Slide!
Sun and Fun
Kevin and Doug
What you thinking?
You're crowding me
OK now
Glen Echo Carousel
Slip 'n Slide
Slip 'n Slide Drink
Is it working?
So my sister moves out of London.... Arghhh!