Villa Vista Del Mar
Two weeks at the Villa Vista Del Mar in the República Dominicana with Auntie Christine, Uncle Adam, Cousins Ollie and Christopher comes with lots of Carribean sun, surf and sand and compulsory pool time of course.

Eight movies to relive the experience (some larger than others) plus a slideshow of it all:
A little bit back!
Mentha (A dubious practice at best)
A Musical Interlude
Swim - Level 2 (of 28) - Slide - Jump
Check out the waterfall slideshow!
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Vista del Playa Cofresi
Early Morning at the Vista Del Mar
In the Pool
Life Raft
Annie and Ollie in the Hammock
Funny Faces
Will too
Christopher's Turn
Nelsida serves lunch
Mmmmm Spaghetti
Now behave!
Ollie's finished
Our Frog Friend
At the top of Mt. Isabel
Trujillo's Garden
Jungle Trek
...or Aztec Monument
Beach Hut in Costambar
Carribean View
Will and Tyre
Sosua Beach
Annie and Christopher
Auntie Christine is buried
...or stuck
Need a Bird?
Annie and parakeet
Will Toucan
Nurse Sharks at Ocean World
Swimming Lessons
Hug a Dolphin
...or laugh with them!
Playing with the Dominicans at the Playa Cofresi
Jeep Trek
A hut in the woods
Adam, Christopher and Ollie
Auntie Christine
Annie and roofing material
Ollie and Snake
Annie and Snake
Will and Snake
........... OK you get the idea!
Little tykes
River Journey
Waterfall Slides
In the waterfall
...and determined
...or asleep
The Group
Back to the Jeep
More Mentha
Street Shot
Even More Mentha
El Presidente
Back at the villa for Pina Coladas
Virgin Pina Coladas
Dive Ollie Dive
Leap of Faith
Belly Flop
Time out in front of the TV
Bar and Grill
Will wants to go to the beach
Annie Again
Auntie Christine
Auntie Joan
Will makes a friend
Cocktails at sunset
Street Scene on the Cofresi Strip
Time Off
Daddy and Annie
Life Vests
Looking Good
Where's my Coke?
Hanging out on the Nets
Calypso Crew
Setting Sail
...and Steering
Beat Party
Will's Turn
Hanging out at the Bar
Captain Will
Another day at the pool
Broken Church in Puerto Plata
Fort San Felipe
In the Dungeon
Up Against It
Deserted Building
Steps to Nowhere
Rock Pooling
Green Sarong
Ton's Shack
Sisters in Law
Nemo at the Ocean World Casino
We love Julio and Nelsida!