The End of Westbrook Elementary

The end of an era in many ways is marked by Will graduating from Westbrook Elementary. Plus Annie turns teenager for real and it's a merry go round round of birthday parties.
Westward Ho to Westbrook Helium balloons at the Westbrook Carnival Joan's Birthday Party It's an adventure at Calleva
DSC03927 Band Practice with Will on drums Puzzle live at Comet Pizza Jezebel with Ganesh
Birthday Party My cupcake! DSC03958 DSC03971
Make up sleepover Fall Out Boy Clean Room Panorama! Birthday Girl at Guapo's
DSC03994 with Marney and Kevin DSC03995 DSC03997
DSC04001 Patrol Will photo-bomb Flying cup
IMG 0802 Sandy Hill for Marney's Birthday Mrs McNeil leads Westbrook's end of year production of Peter Pan Will as a pirate
Westbrook Graduation (Will looks happy) Will Speech DSC04042 Will and Mrs Pekarsky
Dressed up DSC04055 DSC04060 DSC04063
Will with Mrs Childs DSC04068 Will's Birthday DSC04076
DSC04075 DSC04079 Too any candles! Blow
Dad's Birthday Difficult to blow when you are laughing DSC04117 Any cake left?
Step right up... Joan, Will and Principal Lane at the Westbrook Presentations ...for establishing the Artists in Residence program Joan gets a plaque
...with one of the first projects IMG 3106 Westbrook Bridge of Years Will Graduates
We'll miss this school! Will's Birthday Party Netherland's are beating Spain 5-1! Corner kick
The Eagles! DSC04171 Puzzle at the Fillmore JD, Finn, Will and Kaivan