Enter Spring Break

From winter to spring. Fleetwood Mac to Metallica. Las Vegas to Fort Lauderdale. It's been busy. Checkout more YouTube videos at Haydee's and at Comet Pizza
What's funny? Cold snap Fleetwood Mac ...with iPhones Church Gig
IMG 1678 Adults Enter Sandman In the recording studio Bellagi-O Las Vegas Conference
Why go to Paris? ...or New York IMG 1710 Egypt? IMG 1719
...or Rome (Fake sky included) IMG 1730 IMG 1745 Kristen our baby sitter is leaving us IMG 1771
IMG 1775 Puzzle's First Real Gig (i.e. tips) IMG 1837 Enter Sandman II Post-Metallica, broken sticks and photo bomb
Puzzle at Comet Pizza Kid Rock IMG 5860 IMG 5875 IMG 5901
Spring break in Fort Lauderdale Will: Need a Lamborghini? No to Daleks IMG 1896 IMG 1890
Bonnet House ...with cow fish IMG 1912 Window Treatment IMG 5947
Orchids IMG 5965 IMG 5969 IMG 1944 IMG 1922
Frederic Clay Bartlett IMG 1931 Yet Another Fancy Car Pool Umbrellas At the beach
IMG 1969 Ringlets Fish face IMG 2001 Looking forward to Inca Kola
IMG 2009 IMG 2008 Hollywood, FL Flat bike Searching for Uber
Catamaran Trip IMG 2030 Petrified fish IMG 2063 Yachts and Drawbridges
Waterways for the rich, famous and infamous White Wine and Champagne IMG 5992 IMG 6008 IMG 6010
How to suck up your lip with your nostrils Photographer IMG 2112 IMG 2114 Instagram Cat
First Post Selfie