Graduation and a Kitten

Summer means its birthday season. Plus Annie graduates from Middle School and gets a kitten!
Birthday Dinner at Chef Geoff's IMG 2164 Birthday Kitten... Archie Cake for Dessert
Armenian Tasters Will Karen and Joan Updated back yard Christine visits Switzerland: Yves, Uncle Sisvan, Auntie Jean
Girls on the Run P1000041 Annie gets first prize Doctor Who reference Will at top right
P1000062 DC Impact wins the last game Will's Birthday IMG 2208 IMG 2215
P1000078 IMG 2219 Dressed up for graduation P1000082 IMG 2224
P1000084 P1000091 P1000094 Leave me alone P1000097
Will's Birthday P1000104 Roman Coin Puzzle IMG 2243
Neighborhood Party Anne and Dad's Birthday P1000114 P1000117 P1000120
IMG 2245 IMG 2251 P1000129 P1000136 P1000142
P1000145 Westbrook team graduates from Westland Miss Fernandez's class 20150615200931 Parents of Westbrook
Billy Goat Trail IMG 2267 IMG 2270 IMG 2271 IMG 2353
July 4 with Dave Groehl Foo Fighters Time for Bed