Fall Visits

Visits from Gran and Bob, Granny and Grandpa, then a trip back to Bangalore!
Chevy Chase Chargers ...with Coach Lorie On the Run IMG 1049 Bleak Field (Will in Black)
Archie Where am I going? Pumpkin Picking ...with Bob and Gran IMG 1066
IMG 1069 IMG 1076 IMG 1084 IMG 1083 Tidy your Room
A visit from across the sea At Great Falls IMG 3337 IMG 3343 IMG 3349
At the Kennedy Center Raclette IMG 1096 IMG 3362 More Football
IMG 1104 Corner Will Scores! annie soccer A Nightmare before Christmas
Guess Who? Halloween Costumes A sign of things to come Got Candy Annie's Light and Dark
Back to Bangalore Traffic Team Dinner Praveen's Cocktails A Diwali Presentation
Walkabout IMG 1145 IMG 1146 Mel's Korner at MG Road Bangalore from the 13th floor
Nicely Put Preparing for Diwali IMG 3456 Temple Run Ragigudda Anjaneya Temple, Jayanagar
IMG 3437 Hanuman of Agara, Bangalore IMG 3453 Temple of Lord Shiva IMG 3494
IMG 3496 IMG 3499 IMG 3476 IMG 3501 Blessings
Dubai: City of lights and sand Quick visit with Colin Airport Call to Prayer Football Cat