A wedding, a grand birthday, Christmas in New York, then a march to get over it! :)
Uncle John and Cindy get wed! Weddning Party Hayride 2017-01-21 147 The new African American Museum
2017-01-21 158 Dorothy's Shoes Preparing for the day Halloween Horror? Halloween Horror 2
Nemacolin Paintball with Annie and Will in the middle ...and Mark Twain Shoot 'em Up Happy Birthday Gran!
2017-01-21 228 Fallingwater 2017-01-21 231 2017-01-21 240 2017-01-21 242
On the Drums Arabic Theme Koreatown, New York 2017-01-21 264 2017-01-21 266
2017-01-21 268 Times Square Matilda On Broadway Don't drop the ball!
Lifelike at the Whitney With Frida Kahlo Friends ...and Yao The Empire State
Liberty Island An Armenian Immigrant 2017-01-21 301 Rockerfeller Center 2017-01-21 303
2017-01-21 307 At last! Annie's first march (my second) I can't believe Lincoln Memorial
2017-01-21 358 2017-01-21 359 Si Se Puede As if it needed saying... We're watching