Two Christmases

A pre-Christmas Christmas, then a quick visit to London for the 25th, to visit Dad and the family. Plus Thanksgiving and some Farley/Sherwin time.
Westbrook kids all grown up Maryland Renaissance Festival more medieval really Anaiyah and Annie iphone-xmas-2017 081 iphone-xmas-2017 085
Will pumpkin and Goomba Tori Amos solo light show iphone-xmas-2017 094 Being kids again with a gingerbread house Flattened turkey iphone-xmas-2017 133
Two Moms Dutch Baby Christmas came early Xmas-2017 012 Xmas-2017 014 Fondue christmas dinner
IMG 0394 IMG 0396 Fondue is serious business IMG 0399 Xmas-2017 019 Xmas-2017 022
2nd Christmas in England Xmas-2017 041 Cheers with Mum What I always wanted! Xmas-2017 047
P1010203 Christmas dinner (Turkey 2) Crackers Xmas-2017 066 Xmas-2017 067 Xmas-2017 068
Xmas-2017 069 Xmas-2017 070 The home of Tottenham IMG 0407 Dinner in Henley A landmark
iphone-xmas-2017 181 Harrod's food hall Photobomb At the top oif the Egyptian escalator iphone-xmas-2017 198 High tea
with the Al-Fayed (??) Sphinx iphone-xmas-2017 191 iphone-xmas-2017 212b iphone-xmas-2017 213 Fancy a pair? From the South Bank Centre
iphone-xmas-2017 227 Cafe in Soho iphone-xmas-2017 233 Really Dad? Carnaby lights iphone-xmas-2017 236
iphone-xmas-2017 248 Liberty, of course iphone-xmas-2017 220 More pretty lights iphone-xmas-2017 224 Hare and Hounds in Osterley Park
iphone-xmas-2017 254 iphone-xmas-2017 244 Treasure hunt at the V&A iphone-xmas-2017 260 iphone-xmas-2017 277 iphone-xmas-2017 264
Busy innit Chocolate shop in Brick Lane Curry, Curry, Curry! Truth in advertising IMG 6248 Egg or eggplant or gherkin
Christmas stilton at last! 004 The girls