High School Graduation

Annie turned 18 and graduated from high school, Will turned 16 and got a cat to befriend Archie. And they haven't killed each other yet (the cats I mean).
Will picks a cat And he shall name him Edifis (Asterix reference) Archie and Eddie not killing each other. Annie and Aunt Anne with Kenwood cherry trees IMG 1743
IMG 1755 IMG 1753 Dad and Will time Easter traditions IMG 3266
with Dutch Baby Prom outfit Yes, looking great! DSCF4191 Family photo
IMG 1001 IMG 1016 Ready for prom? Got everyone? ... we have now
Down at the Lincoln Memorial IMG 0442b On your marks Get set Go!
Relay IMG 3278 Team photo Archie shows Eddie the great outdoors Eddie's a natural
IMG 3291 IMG 3297 IMG 3301 Turning 18 IMG 3312
Annie's party Ready for graduation 011 Commencement with the head of Nat Geo Annie in the crowd
020 Hat's off! Where are you? Cap and Gown Annie and Kira
Some family photos IMG 6180 with Will too! IMG 1080 IMG 1085
Annie and Gabby 035 045 049 051
Sisters At the White House 065 Sweet Sixteen