Parties, Parents, Boating and the Blue Room
Summer Fun at 98 degrees
81 Birthdays
Eugenie's turn
Is she dribbling on me?
Mark's turn
July Firecrackers
Hunting for Snipe
The Nipple Test
Annie's First Boat
Pool Party at Gladys and Enrique's
That's a Pepper. Where's the Pool?
Found It!
Water Baby
Spray Gunned
It's cold in here!
The Boating Party
Cap'n Ed
Chums too
First Notes
Who's watching the baby?
Pose with Cups
Look! I shut the door before you did
Can I get out now?
Fun on the steppes
Two ladies at Hillwood
Annie's Walking
Well? Walk then!
Dad and Daughter
Why aren't you wearing your napkin?
Things on the table keep moving away from me
The Crayon Bucket
Mom and Granddaughter
Back in the Blue Room
The Diaper Basket