White Christmas
A Brit invasion. Annie played kissin' cousins with Ollie. And we opened loads of presents.
White Christmas It's Boo! Snow Girl Oops Up Again A Red Nosed Reindeer Snow mobile
Annie at the Plateau Xmas Party At least the other kids are behaving Who are you? Mommy's Baby Got granite? The family arrives for Christmas! Football! I found candy!
Hanging Out Bathtime Bathtime 2 Mommy with Ollie and Annie Snow time Cousin Ollie Snowman
When we gonna open presents? Time for presents? Got presents! Ollie tries Auntie Christine's new boots Fascinating Stories Annie's first teaset Can I open it?
Like Adam like Son What's this? What's this too? Who wrapped this? Windswept on an open top bus in New York Kissing cousins Puddles in Great Falls
Jump! Ha ha ha At the table Ollie Sweetheart Chris with the babies Gimme a kiss! Family outing
Horseback at Mount Vernon Pull daddies hair Grandpa Christie The grandparents with the babe Young again It's stuck The Mob